Boss Navigation: How to Deal with Problem Employees

If we lived in a perfect world, this article would not have been necessary. However, the reality of the situation is: there will be difficult employees no matter where you go. If you are a business owner and have employees who work under you, it would be highly important that you arm yourself with the necessary knowledge on how to deal with problem employees.

Here are a few ways you can go about it:

Pay Attention to Unmet Needs

When an employee starts being difficult, there is usually a reason behind it. Usually, these might be needs that are being unmet. If these unmet needs fall into the realm of professionalism like not enough breaks or an issue lacking official resolution, these are things that you can address.

Pay attention to what they have to say when you sit them down. If they act out and the root is not something within the realm of the workspace, you will need to analyze if this is something that you can still address or make concessions for.

Be Concise and Clear

When you do sit them down and talk to them, you need to give them sufficient feedback about what’s been going on. Ideally before you sit someone down, you should have clear evidence to warrant a behavioral discourse.

A lot of the time, a problematic employee may feel like they aren’t causing any issues because no one is there to tell them otherwise. As the boss, you need to be able to convey a concise and clear message regarding their behavior. Give them a chance to correct it. Be clear about any form of consequences that will be meted out if no positive change is obtained.

Establish Good Processes

For businesses that do not have an ‘official’ office setting to it, owners and bosses tend to get caught in a ‘formal/informal’ issue. They’re too busy winging it that they end up in trouble when something as official as a problem employee needs to be addressed.

In order to safeguard your business and your other employees, it is important that you build good processes regarding your human resources.

As You Can See

Problem employees can really be detrimental to the overall workforce, especially if they are allowed to spew their venom and infect others with their negativity. As the boss, you need to be able to determine if a problem employee can still be salvageable or this is something that will have to end in termination. Your business will be riding on your decisions so it’s important to be informed.

How do YOU deal with problem employees?

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