Boss Navigation: How to Be a Good Boss and Leader

As the boss, it is your job to ensure that you are able to be a good leader for your employees. Many a business has failed simply because the person in charge didn’t know how to navigate being a good boss. This is something that we feel strongly about because we have seen too many good businesses fold. The concept, execution, and employees were good. What did it in was the person at the helm.

Here are a few ways that you can be a good boss and leader:

Be an Example

One of the oldest sayings is to be the good example for others. As the boss, it is important that you emulate the characteristics that you would expect or even ask from your employees. Lead by example rather than simply dictating what people should be doing.

Good leaders show others how things are done instead of just laying out a list of instructions. It would be good if you are able to have a clear idea of the qualities or practices that you would like your employees to exhibit. That way, you will know what sort of qualities you need to exhibit.

Value Feedback

A good leader and a boss will value feedback from his employees and his peers. As humans, we can be exhibiting flaws that we may not be aware of. We only find out more when people tell us that certain bad habits or characteristics exist within us.

If you are a boss, you should periodically seek feedback from your employees. No, you are not going to be seeking their approval but you should take their input and further improve your management skills through it.

Celebrate Success

A good boss and leader celebrates successes—everyone’s—not just their own. If there is something that has happened that is praise-worthy, good bosses and leaders give credit where it is due. They will exalt the person who is behind it and give the other employees something to look forward to.

When bosses celebrate the successes of the business with their employees, you give them something to work toward. You also give them a place that they belong to.

As You Can See

It does not take much to be a good boss and a leader. Ultimately, what it means is that you should strike a balance. After all, you aren’t on the clock all the time. A good boss and leader will be able to differentiate the employee from the person. Being a good boss and leader is just about being a good person.

How do you showcase good leadership skills in your business?

Don’t Let the CV Blind You: Qualities You Should Look for in Employees

When people apply for a spot in your business, it can be easy to let their CV do all the talking. However, having a good CV does not automatically mean good employees. When you take a chance on a person, you should look out to see what sort of qualities they have. This will help you determine if they are worth keeping around.

Here are a few qualities that you should look for in your employees:

Good Work Ethic

31 - Don’t Let the CV Blind You: Qualities You Should Look for in Employees

An employee should ideally have good work ethic. This means that when on the clock, they prioritize the job and leave their personal life for later. Tasks should be done on time and everything needs to be checked out.

A good work ethic will ensure that your employee will be worth what you are paying them for.


32 - Don’t Let the CV Blind You: Qualities You Should Look for in Employees

Other than having a good work ethic, employees need to be consistent with their work. It would not make sense if they only sustained their good work ethic for the first few months of employment. A good employee must be able to sustain their good work ethic throughout the tenure of their employment.

Consistent performers can help to boost morale.

Team Players

33 - Don’t Let the CV Blind You: Qualities You Should Look for in Employees

This is something that you will only see when they’ve been hired. A team player isn’t one that panders to what others want. They effectively communicate in order to get a good synergy with the other employees. Team players are the ones that you can count on to improve morale as well.

They can help people maintain their focus and keep up production.


34 - Don’t Let the CV Blind You: Qualities You Should Look for in Employees

A pro-active employee is better than a reactive one. A pro-active employee can be counted upon to spot any issues before they actually happen. These are the people that you can rely upon to help you build a better business.

Reactive employees only deal with an issue once it is there. A pro-active employee will be able to tell when something is going to be an issue down the road and take steps to improve processes. They do this not just because it’ll be better for the businesses but it will also be best for everyone involved as well.

As You Can See

A shiny or impressive resume can be one thing but this does not automatically mean that they will be good workers. If there was anything that we learned in our years as business owners, it would be this: you don’t see what an employee is worth until after six months working for you.

What qualities do you look for in YOUR employees?

Do’s and Don’ts for Digital Marketing in 2018

Header Image - Do’s and Don’ts for Digital Marketing in 2018

The world of digital marketing is one that is changing rapidly, so although there are some methods that continue to be beneficial in 2018, other funnels of the digital marketing process may need to be updated to ensure that a business is getting the full benefit from its marketing endeavours.

With this in mind we caught up with RFK Solutions a leading SEO Agency in Scotland who were kind enough to share some do’s and dont’s for 2018.

DO Continue to Craft Appealing Content

Those who create a blog will need to ensure that content continues to be created, while ensuring that you’re meeting customer needs and making use of keywords to propel your brand up the rankings within search engine results. Popular content can be a resolution to the many enquiries that customers make within Google.

DON’T Sacrifice Quality Blogs for An Increase in Posts

If the competition is creating more blog posts than you, and has a higher ranking than your site, it’s tempting to try and post more. However, it’s important that the quality doesn’t suffer as a result. Customers would rather read two or three blog posts that offer value as opposed to 20 blog post that make little sense, plus Google may not look to favourably on the content either.

DO Make Use of Video

Content consists of more than the written word in 2018, with many online users fully embracing what video has to offer. Regardless of what type of business is being operated, more often than not there will be some way in which video can be a beneficial addition to the company’s digital marketing endeavours.

DON’T Ignore Recent Additions to the Video Market

If sites like YouTube have taught us anything, it’s that people love video. While video content will help a brand meets it marketing goals, it’s important it stays abreast of how video is being implemented.

For example, more and more companies are making use of content that lasts for mere seconds by using Instagram and Snapchat. Even Facebook has a live option that can be ideal for promoting an event or product launch.

DO Work with a Professional When Needed

Working alongside a professional may seem like more money that needs to be spent, but the return is well worth the investment as long as you ensure you’re working with the right professional. Although there’s no harm in a business undertaking certain tasks itself, but it needs to ensure that it’s employing the services of a professional should there be any difficulty in completing the tasks.

DON’T Become Overwhelmed with Tasks

If a business has been able to contend with elements of digital marketing itself, then it may want to try and adopt more funnels to ensure that its able to reach the right demographics. However, digital marketing can be a time-consuming business, especially of its being undertaken by a new starter.

Focusing on too many tasks involving digital marketing can mean that other parts of the business are being ignored. Working with a professional to find the right balance will ensure that all aspects of the business are being taken care off in the right way.

DO Include a Call-to-Action Whenever Possible

The use of content in any form is a great way of promoting products, so it’s important that a business takes full advantage of content to introduce its products or services where it seems relevant.

The use of valuable information ensures that the content doesn’t read like an advert, and really outlines the benefits that can be enjoyed when customers use the product or service on offer.

DON’T Introduce Intrusive Pop-Up Ads

Depending, on the nature of the business, there can be times when a sign up is required, or an account needs to be registered to use the site, but this doesn’t mean a slew of pop-up ads should be introduced, especially if you’re still gaining traction with your proposed audience.

Again, if you’re uncertain of what measures needs to be taken in relation to advertising, then it could be worth speaking to a digital marketing professional to ensure that the right approach is being taken.

DO Make Use of Social Media Platforms

Although social media sites are nothing new in 2018, they do continue to evolve and offer more services to a business. Regardless of whether you’re looking to gain more views on tweets or simply looking to make use of the abundance of services Facebook has to offer, if you’re business isn’t making use of social media, then now could be the ideal time.

As well as the more conventional social network sites, there are several others that the business may not have considered such as Reddit and Google+.

DON’T Use Social Media for Sales or Orders

Although social media is renowned for helping a brand become recognise, it’s important that we’re not tempted to deal with sales on the platform. Any social network presence should be viewed to build relationships with customers.

Should any customers make an enquiry about a purchase, there is nothing wrong in providing a link, so the purchase can be carried out in the right way. Using social networks can become confusing, and there is the danger of personal details being leaked. Ensuring that customers are forwarded to the correct process not only ensure that your brand is deemed professional, but it also ensures that the personal details of a customer are protected.

This is merely a snapshot of the current state of digital marketing, and it will only become a more profitable and essential asset to any business moving forward,

Boss Navigation: How to Deal with Problem Employees

If we lived in a perfect world, this article would not have been necessary. However, the reality of the situation is: there will be difficult employees no matter where you go. If you are a business owner and have employees who work under you, it would be highly important that you arm yourself with the necessary knowledge on how to deal with problem employees.

Here are a few ways you can go about it:

Pay Attention to Unmet Needs

When an employee starts being difficult, there is usually a reason behind it. Usually, these might be needs that are being unmet. If these unmet needs fall into the realm of professionalism like not enough breaks or an issue lacking official resolution, these are things that you can address.

Pay attention to what they have to say when you sit them down. If they act out and the root is not something within the realm of the workspace, you will need to analyze if this is something that you can still address or make concessions for.

Be Concise and Clear

When you do sit them down and talk to them, you need to give them sufficient feedback about what’s been going on. Ideally before you sit someone down, you should have clear evidence to warrant a behavioral discourse.

A lot of the time, a problematic employee may feel like they aren’t causing any issues because no one is there to tell them otherwise. As the boss, you need to be able to convey a concise and clear message regarding their behavior. Give them a chance to correct it. Be clear about any form of consequences that will be meted out if no positive change is obtained.

Establish Good Processes

For businesses that do not have an ‘official’ office setting to it, owners and bosses tend to get caught in a ‘formal/informal’ issue. They’re too busy winging it that they end up in trouble when something as official as a problem employee needs to be addressed.

In order to safeguard your business and your other employees, it is important that you build good processes regarding your human resources.

As You Can See

Problem employees can really be detrimental to the overall workforce, especially if they are allowed to spew their venom and infect others with their negativity. As the boss, you need to be able to determine if a problem employee can still be salvageable or this is something that will have to end in termination. Your business will be riding on your decisions so it’s important to be informed.

How do YOU deal with problem employees?

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Making the Internet Do the Work: Benefits of Having an Online Store

Last time, we discussed why the funny concept of a pop-up works so well. Today, we wanted to shine a spotlight on online stores and the benefits that businesses can reap from them. Let’s start with the basics:

What is an online store?

Much as the name suggests, an online store is a digital store. It is a digital space that is tied to your business wherein your customers can go and make their purchases. They can either pay online or pay on delivery (mostly depending on your options). The product that the client orders can either be shipped to their chosen location or can be picked up at a store location.


Here are a few benefits that an online store would have for your business and your clients:

Larger Customer Base

21 - Making the Internet Do the Work: Benefits of Having an Online Store

Not everyone has the luxury to go to your store’s location. Most of the time even if a customer really likes your product they’ll choose the business that’s closer to them. This means that you are losing out on potential revenue because your customer is far from you.

Having an online store means that you will always be within the reach of your customer! All they will have to do is to go online and go through the motions of the transaction.

Less Costs for You

23 - Making the Internet Do the Work: Benefits of Having an Online Store

If you find that keeping a physical location is too much for you to sustain, you can always pull back and maintain an online presence. If you think about it, Amazon is a big online store. They do not have a physical location. They started out in Jeff Bezos’s garage.

As you can imagine, the overhead costs of keeping an online store are pretty low.

Flash Sale Revenue

22 - Making the Internet Do the Work: Benefits of Having an Online Store

One of the best things about online stores is that they really drive up revenue sales. Business owners achieve this through flash sales. Anyone who is enlisted in your newsletter or follows you on your social media can be the recipient of a special code that enables a flash sale.

Not only does this help provide a ‘personal’ feel for your clients but it also incentivizes their spending. Those that purchase a certain amount are often treated to freebies.

As You Can See

There is nothing like convenience to really entice a paying customer. Having a brick and mortal location is no longer the only option that consumer have. While having a brick and mortar location is still good, you can reach more people by having an online store. In the grand scheme of things, those who provide several options for their customers survive the best.

What benefits of an online store can you foresee for your own business?

Why Citation Building is Important for Your Local SEO

welcome - Why Citation Building is Important for Your Local SEO

You will be surprised to learn this, but numerous businesses overlook the importance of citation building as part of their local search engine optimisation strategy. A lot of small and medium enterprise owners do not know what citations constitute and what their purpose is and end up having to find a local citation audit and clean up service.

Now it is important to keep in mind that we are not talking about the term “citation” that denotes a list of references utilised in an article, research paper or book. What we are referring to is an intricate and complex concept that will drive local traffic to your website and lead to an increment in sales.

Citations: What are they?

In the context of search engine optimisation, a citation refers to the basic information available of your company (name, address and phone number) on other directory listings, websites and pages.

Note that it is not vital for your contact information to include a link to your website, but just be text-based content on sites such as the Yellow Pages and Google. Speaking of Google, did you know that the search giant incorporates citation as a critical component of its ranking methodology?

It believes that if your business is truly valuable and popular, your citations will spread far and across the worldwide web. For example, if you consider a company such as McDonalds, its contact data is list everywhere on the internet. Sure, it is a big and powerful brand.

Nonetheless, if a user searches for coffee, Google will consider the number of citations McDonalds has available before placing it on display at the top of its search engine result pages.

You will still get ranked by Google if you have some business information published on other websites. For instance, perhaps you forgot to include your official email address on a directory listing but have your business’s name, office address and phone number.

That will still count to an extent! However, we recommend that you do your due diligence and make sure you post all relevant contact information available.

Why endanger your SEO ranking position? If you are trying to get listed on different websites on the internet, might as well leave no room for space and fully utilise the potential such a practice will have for your local search engine optimisation.

Building citations is not only an investment in improving your ranking position on search engine result pages yet will help legitimise your business. If you are a rare entity without a website, you might just go want to go and get started on creating one! Your prospective consumer will consider you seriously if you have complete citations present on different digital directories in such a case.

If you want Google to place you first on search engine query result pages for your niche keywords, then you must have an optimal combination of links, testimonials, reviews and citations.

Your chances will increase significantly if your commercial venture has managed to attain multiple digital mentions. Therefore, if you want your client to find you easily, then make sure your citations are complete and numerous. Remember the motto here is: the more, the merrier!

Build Citations on Online Directories

Need a list of trusted directories to get your business’s name on? Check it out:

  • Yelp
  • Google
  • White Pages
  • MapQuest
  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • com
  • Bing
  • The Better Business Bureau
  • Tripadvisor
  • Linkedin
  • Angie’s List
  • Foursquare

We have put together a list of our favourite digital directories: but it is not limited to this. There is a whole world of directories out there for you to access and get your company’s name on.

Just make sure you try get on board relevant listings where your target market will be present. Feeling a little lost and not sure where to get started? Don’t worry, do a little healthy stalking and check out where your competitors are getting their business names posted. That’s where you need to be!

Name, Address and Phone Number

This is an extremely important industry wide practice that you must implement as well. Keep your NAP (name, address and phone number) updated and accurate across all listings.

If you are planning to change your location and move your office, post that on all your communication channels so your customers not only know where to find you, but your citation data remains correct. Let all your partners, suppliers, vendors and other stakeholders know as well.

If you update on Google, do not forget to update your information on your Facebook listing too. Yes, it may take you some time and require you to put in a bit of effort, but we promise it will be worth your effort!

Have a Google My Business Page

We all want to win Google’s heart and rank number one on their search pages. Hence, it only makes sense that you will create an official business page on its platform.

Provide the most accurate business data as most of your customers will come to you via your Google My Business page. Add your location on Google maps and add your working hours.

Put up appealing visuals of your workplace and products so consumers know how to find you and what to expect when they do. Let them leave reviews for potential future consumers to read and consider you as an option.

Post on Structured and Unstructured Directories

What is a structured citation? This is part of websites and directories that have specific categories where you list your business contact information. Usually, all you have to do is fill out a form and submit it. And voila, you’re done! However, this does not mean you cannot target unstructured citations.

It still counts as ranking points for search engine optimisation! Get your business listed on blog posts, press releases, newspaper sites, profile pages and what not. All will improve your search engine optimisation results.

All in all, citations will be your new best friend in your company’s digital marketing strategy. It will build your business’s credibility and gain your customer’s trust as well. Do work on it at least a few times a year to make sure everything is in sync and updated.

Pop-up Businesses: Four Reasons Why They Work

In the recent decade or so, we’ve seen a new trend come up from the startup businesses. The trend would be pop-up businesses—which will be the focus of today’s discussion.

What is a Pop-up?

Think back to the time when you were a kid. It’s highly likely that you’ve had pop-up books; wherein the images seemingly jump out from the page. A pop-up business may not be like that in the least but the word ‘pop-up’ comes from the fact that these little businesses seemingly pop up out of nowhere.

It could be just a little stall off the side of the street or a small space in a known mall or park. These seemingly nomadic little ventures are what we call pop-ups.

Why do they work?

We’ve thought about this and after trying it out for ourselves, we’ve come up with some pretty solid reasons why they work:

Viable Testing Ground

Pop-up businesses are pretty viable testing grounds for the businesses and business owners that utilize them. A pop-up allows them to gain a hands-on idea of what it takes to run a business of any scale. If they’re having a hard time with a small contingency of people, they can use this experience to sufficiently adjust their business plan.

Pop-ups are also good for retail as they can obtain an immediate response to their products.

Increased Brand Awareness

Pop-ups work because they help to boost brand awareness. If you’re wondering whose awareness that would be it would be the consumers’ awareness, of course! By suddenly showing up, you’re presenting yourself as a player on the board.


Consumers love new things. So if you’re offering something new, customers who have been used to the same old thing will be more than willing to give you a try. Anything that gives them a break from the “same old, same old” will be a good option for them to try.

Sense of Urgency

A pop-up is a strike while the iron is hot sort of deal. A pop-up is a temporary arrangement so consumers are well aware that you won’t be there forever. As such, they will either buy in bulk or will try to lobby to keep you around.

People are funny that way. They care about pop-ups especially when they know that they may not be there for long.

As You Can See

A pop-up business or even a pop-up event for your existing business does reap some benefits. However, it is not something that you should keep using as eventually the gimmick will get old. What will set you apart is how you utilize the attention and the novelty that you cultivate when you do initiate a pop-up.

With this in mind, would you be inclined to utilize a pop-up business?

Can’t Attract Local Customers? – 5 Common Mistakes Every Business Can Make!

EOA1601 Blog Post Automation v3 - Can’t Attract Local Customers? – 5 Common Mistakes Every Business Can Make!

The internet has given even the smallest local business huge opportunities for growth, if your business is currently based in your bedroom you could, in theory, attract customers from anywhere in the world! This gives businesses today massive benefits and advantages, but it doesn’t mean you can just forget about your local customers either.

Despite the benefits and advantages of the digital world we now live in, the fact of the matter is most businesses will still need the support of local customers to survive. Unless your business is very niche such as event staffing services or as a very strong digital presence, you’re not going to be able to sustain yourself on international customers alone.

But attracting local customers can be a bit of a conundrum for businesses today, many businesses are so focused on the digital platform that they forget about the importance of local customers. So, to help you start getting locals through the door or on your website I’ve outlined five common mistakes most businesses make.

When you know what the mistakes are you’ll know exactly how to avoid them and what to do instead. Attracting local customers is easier than many people think you just need to approach it in the right way.

Not Using Local Social Media

OK social media is a powerful tool when it comes to promoting your business on a global/ international level but that’s not all it can do. Social media is also a great way to attract local customers as well and you can utilise it in many of the same ways as you would when attracting international customers to do it.

Search out local groups on sites like Facebook or even any local influencers and market your products directly to them. By doing this you can get in contact with potentially hundreds or even thousands of local customers and market your products/ services to them. Don’t be pushy about it but don’t be afraid to talk to locals either.

Not Catering To Your Local Audience

If you want to attract local customers then you need to tell them why they should spend their money on your goods/ services. So, you need to be clear on why your business is different, what do you do or offer that a competitor doesn’t?

Do you use local ingredients, do you support local groups, or do you offer something unique no else does? Find your unique selling point (USP) and market that to your local audience so they can see what makes you different. This will help you stand out from the crowd and help build local support.

Not Asking For Their Support/ Feedback

This seems simple, but many businesses won’t do it! If you want support from your local customers then you’re going to need to ask for it. Now some people might not enjoy asking this, but you really shouldn’t be afraid to.

You don’t have to be overt or blunt about it though there are many ways you can ask people to show their support in more subtle ways. Encourage happy customers to leave a review or to share their experiences with friends and family. You could even implement a reduction or discount policy for anyone who refers your business.

Never underestimate the effectiveness of word of mouth when it comes to attracting local customers. It’s one of the oldest ways to attract customers and promote your business in your local area and it still works today. So, when you provide an excellent service and have happy clients encourage them to share those experiences with others.

Not Using Local Advertising/ Marketing Techniques

One of the prime mistakes many businesses make when it comes to attracting local customers is that they simply don’t put much time or effort into local advertising or marketing techniques. Things like posters and leaflets can be seen as pretty old fashioned by many people nowadays but they are very effective when it comes to attracting local customers.

Combine these promotional methods with something like a local sales event and you have a recipe for success! If you’re running a clothing shop for example and want to get more local customers through the door setting up a promotional sale and putting posters around heavily populated or popular areas to advertise it can give your business a big boost.

You can also enlist the aid of other more old-fashioned techniques like advertising in your local paper or magazines. You can of course, still use digital platforms as well but when it comes to attracting local customers don’t underestimate how effective the more old-fashioned techniques can be.

Not Getting Your Face Out There

If you’re the owner or head of your business then you will need to get your face out there, you don’t want to stay hidden in your office or behind the scenes if you want to attract local customers. You’ll need to get your face out there and actually talk to people, yes you might have the staff to do the majority of customer-facing roles for you but that’s not an excuse to stay hidden.

Get out there and talk to people, introduce yourself as the head of the business and talk to people about what you provide. You could even talk at town or city meetings to introduce your services and inform people about special offers and sales.

Yes, it can be a little scary, but every business owner/ manager will need to get comfortable in front of a crowd, building a more personal connection with your local community will help a lot when it comes to attracting more local customers and support.

So, that’s five different ways your business can attract local customers and help build a strong relationship with your local community. We might be living in a digital world these days but that doesn’t mean you can forget about the people close to you. Local support is still essential to any businesses survival so get out there and meet your neighbours.

Online Representation: Why You Should Always Have a Professional Website

In the world of social media, a lot of businesses discount the need for a professional website for their brand. This is something that we will be elaborating on today. In our own experiences as consultants and business owners, many of us were able to reap the benefits of a professional website.

Here are a few reasons why you should have one, if you don’t already:


Building a website takes time, effort, and money. The design, looking for a server to host it, coming up with articles and even photos is not something that anyone who does not have anything at stake would do. Business owners need to establish their credibility and a dedicated website is a good way to go about it.

Anyone can make a social media account. It’s not like they require you to submit proof of identity in order to create a public page. A dedicated website is a great way to make sure that you give your brand that extra layer of credibility especially if you have yet to establish a brick and mortar location.

Wider Audiences

While the same can be said for social media, they will still need to know your name or your business’s name in order to pop up in search engines. Having a dedicated website with important keywords that are relevant to your business is a better way of showing up when people look through Google or their preferred search engine.

A dedicated website also provides access to a wider audience. You’re not restricted to those who are part of a particular social media platform.

Representation of Services or Products

We like to think of social media presence as calling cards. What will really convince them that your business is worth patronizing is your business website. Any smart entrepreneur will know that representation is important.

A dedicated website is a good place to showcase what you have. If you have any testimonials or updates that you would like to share, your website is your own slice of the internet that you can make full use of.

As You Can See

Even if you have a strong social media presence (across several platforms), it is still important to have a professional website to represent your brand. Interested parties will try to obtain more information about you through your online presence. This is where social media can lack. If you really want to showcase what your brand or service is, a professional website is where you go.

As of right now, do you have a professional website that represents your business to its best potential?

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Legal Requirements When Starting a Business

Starting a business can be an exciting time, and its easy for us to get caught up with the excitement and overlook some factors when starting a business.

Although you can effectively run a business using your own rules, there are some legal requirements that should be taken care of before any other aspects of the business.

While these requirements may not seem important on the surface, there can be some ramifications should they not be in place at the right time.

Registered Business Name

Depending on the niche of your business, you may want to use a business name. If this is the case that you will need to register as a DBA (Doing Business As) or FBD (Fictitious Business Name) which will inform the local government of how your business will be identified.

Even if you’re using your real name as part of the business name such as willshapools who offer pool construction, you will still need to register the business in the right way, or you will be restricted to using your real name as the business name, which can hinder future marketing efforts, especially if you’re looking to brand your business.

It’s also worthwhile ensuring that the name you’re planning to use isn’t in use by someone else. Although this can be a time-consuming endeavor, it does mean that you can avoid any potential infringements later on.

Business Permits and Licenses

When running a business, you need to ensure that you have the relevant business permits and licenses in place. The documentation you need depend on the industry you’re operating in, as well as the state the business is situated in. While some states may have similar guidelines in place, it shouldn’t be assumed that these are the same.

There could also be a requirement for federal license should the business carry out services that are regulated by a federal agency.

Operating without the right credentials could mean that the business is fined. How much the fine is can depend on the severity of the reason. For example, those who forgot to file taxes are likely to fare better than those who have been running a business for several years without a license.

Federal Taxes

Although sole traders will only need to complete a personal tax submittal, those who are looking to operate as a corporation will need to ensure that they obtain an Employer Identification Number.

An EIN is effectively a Social Security number for the business and allows business to open business accounts and submit returns.

Even if you’re a sole trader there are still some federal tax obligations you need to be aware of. The US Small Business Administration offers information about the taxes and forms required. The information that’s required may vary from state-to-state, so it can also be a good idea to ensure that you’re operating within the guidelines of the state.

State and Local Taxes

As well as federal taxes, a business will also need to ensure that its up-to-date in relation to state and local taxes. The taxes due often depend on the structure of the business, as well as what state the business is located in.

An example of the taxes that need to be considered will come from payroll, income, sales and property tax.

If the company has employees, then the business will need to ensure that it’s take care of any unemployment taxes relevant to the state. Again, more in-depth information can be found via the US Small Business Administration.

Adherence to Laws and Regulation

When operating as a small business owner, many would be forgiven for assuming that they don’t have to adhere to the same business laws and regulations as a large corporation would, but this isn’t always the case. Although some small businesses may be exempt from certain laws and regulations, there will be others that need to follow the same guidelines.

What business laws and regulations you must adhere to will depend on the nature of the business as well as where it’s situated.

The sectors of the business that laws and regulations apply to can vary, but can include aspects such as finances, marketing and intellectual property.

Become Familiar with Employee Laws

Although you may not be considering hiring employees at this particular moment in time, it can still be worthwhile brushing up on the laws surrounding employees.

Should your business start hiring, you need to ensure that the right tax regimes are in places, as well as making sure that anti-discrimination laws are followed to the letter.

The last thing a business wants to do is have its expansion efforts hindered by a legal oversight.

Open a Business Bank Account

In order for your business to viewed in the right way, it needs to be separated from your personal finances. Although there are many who look to fund their business venture with personal loans, this can be detrimental in the long-run.

Opening a business account gives your business its own identity, which makes acquiring a business loan a much easier endeavor.

The sooner you’re able to open a business account, the sooner you will be able to start building a positive credit profile for the business, which means acquiring capital should be an easier endeavor, regardless of whether you’re looking to acquire a loan, grant or investment.

It can seem like that there is a lot to take care off before the business can operate in the right way, but its important that all the necessary checks are made, otherwise you may find that the business experiences some forks in the road in the future.