Do’s and Don’ts for Digital Marketing in 2018

Header Image - Do’s and Don’ts for Digital Marketing in 2018

The world of digital marketing is one that is changing rapidly, so although there are some methods that continue to be beneficial in 2018, other funnels of the digital marketing process may need to be updated to ensure that a business is getting the full benefit from its marketing endeavours.

With this in mind we caught up with RFK Solutions a leading SEO Agency in Scotland who were kind enough to share some do’s and dont’s for 2018.

DO Continue to Craft Appealing Content

Those who create a blog will need to ensure that content continues to be created, while ensuring that you’re meeting customer needs and making use of keywords to propel your brand up the rankings within search engine results. Popular content can be a resolution to the many enquiries that customers make within Google.

DON’T Sacrifice Quality Blogs for An Increase in Posts

If the competition is creating more blog posts than you, and has a higher ranking than your site, it’s tempting to try and post more. However, it’s important that the quality doesn’t suffer as a result. Customers would rather read two or three blog posts that offer value as opposed to 20 blog post that make little sense, plus Google may not look to favourably on the content either.

DO Make Use of Video

Content consists of more than the written word in 2018, with many online users fully embracing what video has to offer. Regardless of what type of business is being operated, more often than not there will be some way in which video can be a beneficial addition to the company’s digital marketing endeavours.

DON’T Ignore Recent Additions to the Video Market

If sites like YouTube have taught us anything, it’s that people love video. While video content will help a brand meets it marketing goals, it’s important it stays abreast of how video is being implemented.

For example, more and more companies are making use of content that lasts for mere seconds by using Instagram and Snapchat. Even Facebook has a live option that can be ideal for promoting an event or product launch.

DO Work with a Professional When Needed

Working alongside a professional may seem like more money that needs to be spent, but the return is well worth the investment as long as you ensure you’re working with the right professional. Although there’s no harm in a business undertaking certain tasks itself, but it needs to ensure that it’s employing the services of a professional should there be any difficulty in completing the tasks.

DON’T Become Overwhelmed with Tasks

If a business has been able to contend with elements of digital marketing itself, then it may want to try and adopt more funnels to ensure that its able to reach the right demographics. However, digital marketing can be a time-consuming business, especially of its being undertaken by a new starter.

Focusing on too many tasks involving digital marketing can mean that other parts of the business are being ignored. Working with a professional to find the right balance will ensure that all aspects of the business are being taken care off in the right way.

DO Include a Call-to-Action Whenever Possible

The use of content in any form is a great way of promoting products, so it’s important that a business takes full advantage of content to introduce its products or services where it seems relevant.

The use of valuable information ensures that the content doesn’t read like an advert, and really outlines the benefits that can be enjoyed when customers use the product or service on offer.

DON’T Introduce Intrusive Pop-Up Ads

Depending, on the nature of the business, there can be times when a sign up is required, or an account needs to be registered to use the site, but this doesn’t mean a slew of pop-up ads should be introduced, especially if you’re still gaining traction with your proposed audience.

Again, if you’re uncertain of what measures needs to be taken in relation to advertising, then it could be worth speaking to a digital marketing professional to ensure that the right approach is being taken.

DO Make Use of Social Media Platforms

Although social media sites are nothing new in 2018, they do continue to evolve and offer more services to a business. Regardless of whether you’re looking to gain more views on tweets or simply looking to make use of the abundance of services Facebook has to offer, if you’re business isn’t making use of social media, then now could be the ideal time.

As well as the more conventional social network sites, there are several others that the business may not have considered such as Reddit and Google+.

DON’T Use Social Media for Sales or Orders

Although social media is renowned for helping a brand become recognise, it’s important that we’re not tempted to deal with sales on the platform. Any social network presence should be viewed to build relationships with customers.

Should any customers make an enquiry about a purchase, there is nothing wrong in providing a link, so the purchase can be carried out in the right way. Using social networks can become confusing, and there is the danger of personal details being leaked. Ensuring that customers are forwarded to the correct process not only ensure that your brand is deemed professional, but it also ensures that the personal details of a customer are protected.

This is merely a snapshot of the current state of digital marketing, and it will only become a more profitable and essential asset to any business moving forward,

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