8 Proven Ways to Improve Your PPC Performance

Improve Your Underperforming B2B PPC Campaigns - 8 Proven Ways to Improve Your PPC Performance

The advent of the internet and technology has given birth to a new world of marketing mediums that can be primarily be categorized under digital marketing. Under this banner, Pay Per Click marketing is a popular advertising format that maximizes marketing dollars by charging the seller only when his ad receives a click from an internet user.

Search engine giants Bing and Google hold advertising auctions where the greatest bidding party gains the most online exposure. The stability and flexibility of the pay per click advertising model has elevated it into the preferred, elite classes of digital marketing. It gravitates relevant, targeted traffic to your site and all you have to do is optimize your Pay per click focused marketing campaigns. Speaking of which, the team at Summon Digital were more than happy to share a few recommendations on how you can easily improve your campaigns.

Campaign Objective

Work backwards from your desired marketing results as it will help you identify the accurate objective you wish to achieve. Although the majority of pay per click advertisements commence with the derivation of keywords and its strategy, dare to be different and take a look at the sales or leads you wish to acquire.

Go into your ads, how they would be present on advertising platforms and keywords. This will allow you to analyse all possible aspects of the customer thought process and truly gain a grasp on his motivation- the secret to conversions.

Well Performing Keywords

Keywords are the foundation of any successful pay per click campaign. In order to assess the quality of your campaign, you must check the performance of your selected keywords and constantly monitor them. Just access the associated report to determine which keyword is doing well and generating pertinent traffic for you.

It is vital to update and change your bidding strategy for the keywords, so you can optimize them. Ask yourself if the keywords you have chosen are leading to conversions. If the voice in your head responds in the negative, then that means something has to be done. If it’s brand awareness or website traffic increments that you are after, then allocate your money to those keywords that are bringing in clicks and impressions.

Put a pause on those keywords that are costing you money and lowering the scale of your performance.

Manage Landing Pages

If your landing page is unattractive, then no matter how amazing your proposition is- it is unlikely that your prospective consumer will stick around long enough to gain complete information about your value proposition.

Your landing page must have a clear call to action, easy to locate buttons, sufficient informative copy and an overall clean design. Play around with the length of the landing page to determine what works best for you. Some marketing gurus advocate lengthier landing pages whilst other swear by shorter ones.

Make sure your design is aesthetically appealing and have compelling images on it to encourage conversions. The copy should be benefit focused and convince the potential customer to convert into a lead.

Ad Copy

Speaking of content and advertising copy, it is the single most powerful variable that can retain your consumer’s attention and make the difference. Your pay per click campaign can be the most amazing in the world- but without incredible copy to back it up – it will not be successful.

A good call to action and updated ad content need to be part of an effective pay per click campaign. To generate the most optimal performance, keep holding A/B tests and change your ad copy to test what works and what does not. Try to design your advertisements to be mobile friendly as it will increase your click through rate.

Quality Score

As the term denotes – the quality score appraises your advertising content, your landing page, the past patterns of your account and your keywords. It is evident at this point now that utilizing pertinent keywords on your website copy is critical to the outcome of paid search queries.

If your quality score is high, then it will help you appear higher in the paid result pages simultaneously decrease your costs. Simply include your selected keywords in your landing page’s content as well as your ad copy as it will significantly impact your click-through rate and quality score.

Monitor Incoming Mediums

You will find it interesting to learn that most commercial ventures are astonished to learn that at least one, if not more, of their incoming marketing mediums, are not monitored effectually. For instance, incoming phone calls are often missed out upon. If you wish to track an incoming channel, you may want to consider setting up a dedicated unique phone number for that particular campaign. Put in a tracking code or another form to track the origin of your lead or sales. This will also allow you to understand what channels work more effectively and how you can use that to your advantage in the future.

Test Away

Please note that conducing a single A/B test is not adequate. As you may know, A/B tests scrutinize different variables. Due to this, you may want to consider testing sundry variables and hence holding multiple tests.

Of course, you will have to test them against the controls you are taking on to define their accuracy. These test results can be used by you to increase conversion rates through statistical calculations rather than random estimations. All this will impact your conversion rates as even the smallest changes can increase them.


All customers need an incentive to respond favourably to your wanted call of action. Items such as special coupons, voucher codes, gifts, discount offers etc will push them in that direction and get the moving. After all, why should they click on your ad campaign? What is in it for them? Utilize your ongoing promotions to increase your online conversions.

Do remind yourself to not just keep your ad about the sales-oriented offer as it could cause misleading figures on your conversion rates. The value has to be beyond monetary. Go the extra mile and discuss the benefit they would receive from obtaining your offer.

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